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    Kauai Customized Tours
    We provide private customized tours of Kauai catering to your needs and wants. Our all-day Kauai tour can including seeing the famous sites, waterfalls, and beaches, movie sights, Hawaiian cultural sites, farmers markets,and local food stops.

    We cater to your Interests
    Our day can also include
    activities such as hiking, snorkeling, river play, boogie boarding, wildlife searching (turtles, monk seals, birds) photography and more!  
    We go at your pace, and doing the kinds of activities you'd like to do.
    We don't waste time at places that don't you want to see, and we know the best times to get to the places you want to see!

    Karen Tilley
    Owner/Kauai Tour Guide

    Aloha! I started this private Kauai tour company to provide an opportunity to experience Kauai without sharing a bus or vehicle with strangers. Our private Tours go at your own pace, and can include all sorts of activities too, such as hiking, walking, shopping, taking a dip, boogie boarding, or snorkeling.
                For a Kauai Trip of a lifetime!