Kauai Eden  Private Sightseeing Tours and Private Hiking guide

Malama I Ka Aina ( Care for the Land that sustains us)
Since starting this small Kauai private tour company three years ago, I have the wonderful job of guiding nice folks like you to experience, photograph and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of Kauai. For me, guiding you to Kauai breathtaking places is my passion, responsibility and my pleasure.
I invite you to experience what is quite possibly the most spectacular and beautiful natural scenery to be found anywhere on planet earth.  Journey with me as we explore Kauai together, hear stories of life on Kauai, learn about natural fauna and wildlife (if you like), watch the breathtaking ocean waves and waterfalls, walk in sacred forests and enrich your soul.  
-Karen Tilley      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Full Day or Half Day Tours                                                                                                     Day Trip  Rate :
Please inquire at 808-821-8008 or via my Inquiry form.  It is fastest to phone.
Next day Bookings are sometimes available.

We offer a $50 Discount on second and third Day bookings.

On the right is a short TripAdvisor slideshow movie featuring clients
on their Kauai Tour with me and some of the places we have explored.

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