Old Hawaii Tours

Step back in time and experience old Hawaii in this sacred and beautiful land nestled next to the famous Wailua river. ( the longest and only navigable river in Hawaii.)  ( Entrance fee of $5 or $3 for children)  Learn about the famous movie filmed here.
Try your hand at Hawaiian bowling. Feed the peacocks. Learn all about coconuts and the many tropical fruit trees and medicinal plants used Hawaiian herbal healers. See ancient petrogliffs, and even talking rock used by the Hawaiian warriors to communicate with their fellow warriors on top of the mountain.

A  journey by boat up the Wailua river, to the famous Fern Grotto can also be enjoyed.
( extra fee of $20)  Beautiful Hawaiian musicians sing and hula dancers dance, making this a beautiful and charming experience for all ages.

If you would like to continue experiencing true Hawaiian culture we can eat authentic Hawaiian food.  We can stop at a popular food truck and enjoy lau lau ( pulled pork with taro leaves, taro root, wrapped in ti leaves and steamed from over 12 hours.) Also, on the served on the plate is many foods made from taro : poi, taro cake and taro dessert.