Kauai Eden Movie Tours
The Descendants, South Pacific and Gilligans Island  ...

Half Day - Gilligans Island Journey

Cruise with Gilligan's Island soundtrack
Learn how to open a fresh coconut easily
Drink coconut water fresh from the coco
Dress up Photo Opps! Hula shirts, and Gilligan's hat etc...
(Optional) Prepared picnic lunch in the shade* ( or bring your own)
(Optional) Swim or take a dip in the turquoise ocean ( ocean    
                 conditions permitting)
(Optional) Guided walking tour of the beach and coastline, or hiking tour to gorgeous a view overlooking the bay

Time : 3 hours (meeting location needs to be discussed)
Rate : $135 per person ( minimum 2 people).

* Add $30 a person for a restaurant prepared picnic lunch ( chosen from a restaurant menu prior to the tour.) Or we can stop along the way to pick up your your own picnic food, or bring it along.

Full Day Northshore Sightseeing Kauai Film and Movie Tour

  See locations from
  • The Descendants 
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Gilligans Island ( Pilot)
  • Jurassic Park

  • TropicThunder                           
  • Six Days Seven Nights 
  • Honeymoon in Vegas
  • Blue Hawaii
  • South Pacific
A South Pacific (Kauai) beach

ove the movies?  Spend the day or two, seeing and relaxing, and even taking a dip if you'd like, at many of Kauai's gorgeous movie locations.  Kauai has been the location choice for many motion pictures since the 1950s. The most recent movie filmed on Kauai is Jurassic World!

A South Pacific (Kauai) Beach
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