Kauai Eden Movie Tours including
The Descendants, South Pacific, and Gilligans Island 

Love the movies?  Spend the day or two, seeing and relaxing, and even taking a dip if you'd like, at many of Kauai's gorgeous movie locations.  Kauai has been the location choice for tens of motion pictures since the 1950s.  Let us know what movies you would love to see some of the locations too:) ( a partial list is below) and we'll do our best to get to the locations that are accessible to the public.   ( full list is provided below)

  The most recent movie filmed on Kauai is "The Descendants"  starring George Clooney.

Many of the locations of the Descendants film are easy to get to, and amazing. The view at Kipu Kai (above right( can not be seen save for an ATV Tour or a helicopter tour, but many other Kauai movie locations from "The Desendants" are equally as stunning and accessible for
a Kauai tour.

Even the pilot for Gilligan's Island was filmed here. Below is taken at Gilligans Island.

                        A green sea Turtle spotted sleeping at Gilligans Island.

A list of Kauai movie locations we can see:
  • The Descendants 
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (4)
  • Tropic Thunder                                           
  • Six Days Seven Nights 
  • Honeymoon in Vegas

  • Blue Hawaii
  • South Pacific

  • Gilligan's Island
  • Fantasy Island
  • Jurassic Park  ( Make sure to see the Jurassic Trees on the Allerton Gardens guided Tour in Poipu)
(got a favorite? Let us know before the Tour) 

The beautiful hula dancer and pirates were photographed at the location of the pilot of Gilligans Island, circa 1963. ( Ginger!)

We pack this wonderful book along for the day. It's a wonderful photo book of Kauai movies. 

Click below for entire list of movies filmed on Kauai