Kauai Eden Movie Tours including
The Descendants, South Pacific, and Gilligans Island 

Love the movies?  Spend the day or two, seeing and relaxing, and even taking a dip if you'd like, at many of Kauai's gorgeous movie locations.  Kauai has been the location choice for many motion pictures since the 1950s. 
 The most recent movie filmed on Kauai is Jurassic World!
Even the pilot for Gilligan's Island was filmed here! (see below)

Click below for entire list of movies filmed on Kauai


   A list of Kauai movie locations we can see: 

  • The Descendants 
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (4)
  • Tropic Thunder                                           
  • Six Days Seven Nights 
  • Honeymoon in Vegas
  • Blue Hawaii
  • South Pacific

  • Gilligan's Island
  • Fantasy Island
  • Jurassic Park