Ocean Side Hiking
 perhaps see giant sea turtles.... sleeping monk seals...

 Kauai has 111 miles of shoreline. Come and hike her majestic shores.  Depending on your walking ability and how many hours of walking you will like to do, I will take you to the best hiking areas.

On our beach hikes we can include Kauai beachcombing  for Japanese Glass Floats, beach glass, driftwood, shells, and more. 

On our hikes, we can hike shorelines that may have giant sea turtles, sleeping monk seals, ( or swimming monk seals even!), albatross, and many different kind of sea birds.
Please let me know what kind of wild life you would like to see so I can bring you to the trails most likely to have what you are hoping to spot!


           Kauai has some terrific places for beachcombing.       

Would you love for you or your spouse to find a Japanese glass float on a remote beach on Kauai?  Please speak with us.


 Each beach has a different quality of sand. What kind of sand do you like?  Soft sand, or places like this, with big chunks of coral?